It looks something like this:

60 min class

Warm-Up – 10 mins

Drill #1 – 10 mins

Drill #2 – 10 mins

Drill #3 – 10 mins

Drill #4 – 10 mins

Cool Down – 10 mins

Warm-Up (10 mins)

I’ll start my session with a 5-minute nonspecific warm-up, similar to what I would use regardless of what the session was going to be – things like light jogging, walking lunges, inchworms, etc.

I do a general warm-up for five minutes because I know there are always going to be participants who arrive to the session a few minutes late. If I was to get started on specific technique straight away, these late comers would miss out and would be behind the whole session.

After the 5-minute non-specific warm-up, I then move onto five minutes of specific boxing “technique” work. This is basically just shadow boxing. I’ll line my participants up in rows – I’ll call out a punch (e.g. straight) and watch the group punch. I’ll repeat this a few times with different punches and combinations watching my participants and giving technical feedback.

Main Workout (40 mins)

My main workout consists of four different “drills”.

Each ‘drill’ looks like this:

  • The ‘Boxer’ boxing for four minutes straight
  • 60-sec break
  • “Boxer’ and “Pad Holder” switching roles 
  • New ‘Boxer’ boxing for four minutes straight

So, even though the drill is technically four minutes, it actually takes nine minutes to complete because each partner has to complete the drill, and there’s a 60-second break in between.

4 + 1 + 4 = 9.

I then repeat this format with three completely different drills, which takes around 40 minutes. 

If you’d like to get an idea of what the “drills” look like, I’ve written quite a few blogs on different boxing drills. You can check them out below.

Cool Down (10 mins)

This involves a 5-minute core-based finisher, which may or may not be boxing-related, followed by a general 5-minute stretch / cool down.

Give this class structure a go and let me know what you think 🙂 

At All Star Boxing Academy, we have a Facebook Groups with Fitness Professionals – the “All Star Boxing Community”. We have super supportive affiliates, and we all share tips and ideas.