About The Organization

Our Mission

The All-Star Boxing Academy is dedicated to the goal of building and maintaining confidence, physical well-being, and mental health through coaching, mentorship and competition. With the sport of boxing and the camaraderie it develops, we offer a healthy alternative to the aimless lifestyle that leads to delinquent behavior, drug use and alcohol abuse. Our doors are open to anyone who’s ready and willing to take advantage of this opportunity for change. Committed wholeheartedly to being an overwhelming force for good, we believe strongly in doing our part to help foster positive growth in our community. 

Who We Are

We are a group of committed individuals who have teamed up to create an environment where children and adults can make positive changes in their lives. Our dedicated board of directors is comprised of business owners, a professional boxer, coaches, boxing gym owner, health and fitness experts and parents of competitive amateur boxers. Our coaches have been carefully vetted and were hired based on their qualifications and experience. All of our coaches have taken classes, have been tested and are certified through USA Boxing, they are SafeSport-certified and have competed in USA Boxing sanctioned events.

Our Vision

The All-Star Boxing Academy will set out to raise the necessary funds to fully support the cost of a competition travel team while also providing an “open-gym” opportunity for training, mentorship and coaching to under-resourced members of our community. By doing so, this non-profit organization will not just provide a safe and positive place to train but will pave the road for athletes who strive to win national titles, compete in the Olympic trials and eventually represent the United States in the Olympics


We change lives, and that changes the world. ASBA provides a safe space for young leaders to discover their passions. Today’s students are tomorrow’s doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and so much more. Our ASBA family is strong, and we invite you to join us.



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Get fit on your own pace

You are going at the pace that is normal for you and you will get there. Now here’s the key: as you go at your own pace, let’s make sure that you are moving forward. Maybe you are walking slowly, or taking the scenic route, or jogging, or maybe you are even sprinting down the path towards your goal.



Team fitness

We believe in grouping our Athletes by experience not age or gender. Our goal at All Star Boxing Academy is to develop each person by placing them in group with people of the same skill set and advancing them once they have met the marks required.



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